Pillars in the Church

October 4, 2015

I am calling out the mature saints in this body.  Those who have proven themselves, tasted of Me, know Me, love Me without hesitation.  They have walked through the Valley of Bacca and have not forsaken Me.

These pillars will carry the coming surge of new believers.  They will be able to create a holding environment for what I am doing in your midst.  These people are strong in their faith, fearless, and are able to test every spirit.  It is small now but it will pick up momentum.  Don’t despise the small beginnings.

Cast off everything that hinders you and come out and stand before me.

You have struggled with your flesh; forget about it and run to Me.  I never disappoint those who come to Me.

You think your too old or too young; forget about that too.  You are ageless in me.

What counts is:  Do you love Me?

Present yourselves as living sacrifices to Me.  I am about to give you increase.  Get ready for the harvest.

It will start slowly and pick up energy.  I am asking you to hold, love, and nurture this work just as a mother loves her child.

Do this for Love and do not waver in this place; your reward will be great.

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