Service Notes:
Isiaih 60:1-3
Rev 21
We have an integral role to play for the body of Christ! Our sins are forgiven, we are to be alive and vibrant, we have the power of the Holy Spirit and we are brand new creations !
We are the new Jerusalem and need to learn to shine our light together. Together we are are a very powerful force!
Correlation of Isaiah 60 and rev 21
We had a time of sharing of who is who so we could know each other better.
Maurice: baptized in 20’s but backslid and came back to God around 1998. From Jamaica. The Lord showed him we must use every moment to share the gospel as we don’t know when people around us will die.
Uenic: is from South Africa
Renee: 14 years married to husband, grateful for the walk together. Many years of little fellowship and isolated but the last few years at Potters had lots. Grew up as only child, Lots of fears without Jesus. Past few years he’s been speaking lots about community. 20 years of painful period medication and Through ministry she is being healed. God healed her of alergies to cats and horses.
Basil: in Red Deer for two months now. Been Christian four years and willing to grow in His light.
Jim: was late for church, loves being a part of this fellowship.
Terry: moved here from Manning and searching for churches for 11 years and was brought up to be sceptic so then tried Potters as she wanted His spirit and she felt the love and freedom to worship and doesn’t need a dress code. She is the only one in her family saved and volunteers 40 hours per week at solid ground cafe
Han: lady from South Korea, in Canada four years. Brought up Christian. Working at a school in Deer Park.
Ted: often feels his battery is dead and his light is getting dead but then gets in the word and recharges his batteries.
Gary: gets board, likes to quad and motorcycle and shine his light through recreational sports.
Marnie and Ted: believe since 1980 and got delivered from the occult and drugs and didn’t trust anything beyond her salvation so is allowing him to move more in her life. Needs prayer for her shoulder and salvation for her kids who aren’t serving The Lord. Got saved through a friend and tv ministry but has found potters to be the most welcomed church in re deeer.
Cindy: clean for 19 days, her sister Kim has taken her in.
Marion: believe from a billy graham crusade in 1991, had rough time in life with much emotional abuse then opened a store of her own and has four children and all quite close. Since coming to church The Lord is helping her to work through the emotional abuse.
Sheila: she is Laura’s mom, born baptist and feels very accepted here. Teachers assistant and works at CARE. Two girls.
Wes: fell away for a while but is happy to be back an part of this fellowship.
Eleanor: in RD for 12 years an moved here. Raised in Christian home and got sucked into alcoholic lifestyle but God saved her. Is afraid of standing up for God due to inadequacies and is not furthering Gods kingdom. Feels Potters is a part of her family.
Leslie: saved in 2005 and wants to serve The Lord more as per Jer 29:11, collisions 3:10 and doesn’t worry about food and clothing as per math 25 and goes to Living stones on Sunday nights.

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