Good news / bad news on this audio recording.

Good: we isolated the horrible BUZZ from previous weeks audio.
Bad: we didn’t isolate it till after the service so the main recording is not usable through the stereo

However, we used an iphone for backup which is better than nothing:
Click Here For May 27 Sermon

Or Windows Users can use the onscreen player below:

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Synopsis of service:

Took up offering for building renos
Cindy testified! Then several others testified of the Lords miraculous power to save those who should have died.
Pastor Stan gave a couple of announcements then was beginning to preach when a very inibriated woman came in, we stopped the service to pray and bless her and brought her into the service at the back and continued to minister to her. She was crying out (you can hear it in the audio) and not wanting to live this life anymore, she had been raped and lost a baby recently and was really hurting.
Several other testimonies came forward of creative miracles, Mitchels elbow was broken, in a cast and unable to work till one of the elders prayed for it, he removed the cast right after and had 100% healing. Halleluyahhhhh!
Past Stan asked Frank to come forward spontaneously.
Frank: all of us have a cry in our heart because of what we’ve gone through as the woman who came through the door. When we reach out and touch other through our compassion He will flow through you like never before!
We ran out of time and Pastor Stan cut his message to:
We need to love others enough that we are willing to carry each other to help them get their miracle.



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