Christmas Joy

With snow on the ground, twinkling lights on the light standards and Christmas trees, and increased congestion at the malls and other shopping establishments, you would almost think that it’s getting close to Christmas. I’m working on the assumption that it is still...

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Where it all began…

In an effort to inform about Potters Hands, what we do, who we do it for and just how much we depend on God to actually do the work all the while making us think we did it. But more than anything, it is about how we came to realize that we serve a God whose mercy and...

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Nov 18 Sermon

Tim's testimonial was a service in itself, wow, God is so Good!! The message by Pastor Stan this week was all about hard hitting about how we put God in a box in various ways in our lives. We limit God WAY too much. Pastor Stan shared the prophetic word God gave him...

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November 11th Sermon

Just loved the service today, so refreshing.... Click Here to Listen to Nov 11 Sermon How was the service for you today? Feel free to leave comments below....  

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Nov 4th Sermon

So happy to report Steve found the distortion problem with our recording. It has to do with a bad ground so we'll be working on fixing that. But in the mean time at least the audio will once again sound good, hurray! Thanks again Steve!! Click this link to listen:...

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Oct 28th Sermon

Oct28th (The audio has bad noise still, it will take a sacrifice of 'listening' to get this message but I'm looking for a better recording on my iPhone)

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