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2013 October 27th

Service NOTES:
How do u know God, that there is God and that He is real? Bible begins with In the beginning God. The bible is actually true!
-Many testimonials given of how God is real!
He reveals himself to each of us very specifically to show us He is real. EG. Chads roof
Cain was sent to Nod, a place of wondering. Nod is a type of bondage or perceived freedom BUT
Galations 5:1 True Freedom comes from having a relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ!
True freedoms came at a great cost, Gods perfect sacrifice of His son is what paid for us to have this great freedom.
If you’ve been a Christian for a while its time to serve, get off the milk. If you wanna stop drinking or addiction begin stepping out and serving others. You are way more mature then you know!
* Find someone to serve, call them, go for coffee or help them move or something but begin serving them!
If your a citizen of Nod it’s time to become a citizen of God.



2013 November 3rd 

Service Notes:

Darlene testified about Gods goodness. Lost her mom at 5 and in foster care for four years.
Jerry (a former drunk age 14-32!) preached, so enjoy!
For those who know Christ as there savior:
-we get the gift of the Holy Spirit
– there is a really big list of who we have become and what we have access to!
-Acts 1:we receive power to be witnesses!
-Mark 5:18-20 deliverance then go and tell how much Jesus has done for us
-we witness in love and respect
Psalm 40:1-4
Let your light shine for Jesus Christ!


2013 November 10th

2013 November 17th


2013 November 24th

Service Notes:
Please pray for Stan and Crystals son and daughter in law Seth and Shannon.
Several people had words that the babies will be fine and had visions of these kids living, a couple people had dreams that were encouraging for them all.
Bible says if two of you agree it shall be for in heaven!
We all gathered together and agreed they shall live and not die.
Math:8:30-9 story of Jesus healing a demoniac by sending demons out of guy into here of pigs then the paralyzed man
-wow this guy had four real friends who lowered him through the roof
-it’s the son of man that has Authority on earth to forgive sins! God was charged with blasphemy.
Point is: whenever authority over demons and sickness was used it was to advance the kingdom of God and people wound get saved and healed! That God is Real an there is hope and life in all bad situations so those lost will be found and saved.
Acts1:8 we have been given power and authority so that we will be his witnesses!!
Acts 2:37-38 repent and be baptized in Jesus name for the forgiveness of sins and you will receive the Holy Spirit
Math 28:18 all authority has been given to Jesus and to us

Pastor Stan shared recently of a casting out a demon with simple authority of commanding a spirit out of a guy here at church by praying over the man then telling that spirit simply to go. Jesus simply did deliverance by telling the spirit to go.

Jesus had All authority even to lay down his own life and take it up again!
We have the authority:
1. To tell the truth no matter what our situation to bring the gospel message
2. To declare the forgiveness of sin: we are all prophets priests and kings and have been given power to forgive by Christ those that repent.

We are cleansed and forgiven and redeemed and made whole and God forgives us who come to Christ.


2013 December 1st


2013 December 08th


2013 December 15th



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