Sermon Notes:
-How desperate are we for the word of God?

-Are we hungry to be filled up by the Holy Spirit and all He wants to empower you with? Or will we be like the 5 foolish virgins like in Matthew 25, who did not take it serious enough and didn’t bring with them the necessary oil.

-Are we expectant enough of miracles and God’s provision? Do we expect them, or even ask Him for them?

-How willing are we to let God change us and use us? We have our work to do too, through the Spirit, it’s not just a free pass then a sit back and watch.

We are leaking vessels, who constantly need refilling by God.

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Another listeners notes:

May 15th

Pentecost Sunday

Stan moderated and opened the service and shared announcements and popcorn announcements.

Chad and Robin wedding next Saturday 11:11 am with reception and potluck (call Arlene for what to bring) to follow at 4:44pm

Jeff gave word of prophecy

Polin preached then 2 more people were baptized:

2 Kings 4:1-7

Math 25:

5 wise and 5 foolish virgins

No matter what is happening in your life if you cry out to God He will show you a miracle!

What DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR LIFE OR HOUSE that God can use to perform something big and miraculous!

Phil 4:19 my God shall supply all your need according to Gods riches in Glory by Christ Jesus

God always has a plan of redemption!

Elijah told her to shut the door behind her and many times we to need to shut our doors to certain things and go to God directly to work out a miracle in our life.

Eg. Jesus cleared the room of the hecklers and scoffers. Peter did the same in raising Dorcus.


Send out from your heart the spirit of doubt and scoffers.

Obedience is key and the miracle needs to take place in our heart first.

He needs something small from bus first then He will make it something big.


In a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but if wood and clay… that we are prepared for every good work into His Honor.

Eph 2:20

Our God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power that works in us.

What are your empty vessels that God can use??

He wants us to admit that we have nothing of value, we are bankrupt without Him and need him to help us.

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