1Kings 18:36-42, Psalm 63:1, John 4:13

Stan preached


-God answers our prayers, He listens, even if it takes a long time. He does deliver us from the troubles we face.

-He is faithful. But sometimes we just want Him to reveal Himself to us; to answer. To see His face. But are we actually seeking?

-We live in a dry land, like the old Testament. Idolatry, forsaking the true God. The world we live in. It’s parched and dying, missing out on God’s life rain.

-But don’t lose hope. Have faith, that He will work it all out. Be radical for the Lord, resisting the devil and his lies and his world. Utilize His Word, his power, be confident. That is life. That is light. That is the sound of God’s mighty rain.

-God I ask you to bring the rain on our city and on my life, and allow our hearts, my heart, to soak it up.

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