Praise God short testimonies from the crowd:
David walked today without his cane and SANG at the top of his voice for the first time too!!
He paid it all for all of us!!
Eric also is walking without his cane.
More blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.
Sonny arthritis has 90% gone! Jesus has risen and she is living in the resurrection spirit.
Atola was narrowly saved from a serious accident as the Lord told him to slow down then his tire popped off and he was able to get the vehicle stopped safely.

-Thursday morning encouraging movies, see Alvin about it
-the water tank is still at the front of the church, come get baptized!!

Mathew 28:1-10
Q: why did the angel roll the stone away? The two mary’s saw the angel come down and move the stone.
-at this point Jesus is in his raised, resurrected body WITHOUT PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS. He had already left and walked through the rock. The stone being rolled away was for our sake, not His. It’s for my sake and your sake that we have get to see that He was no longer in the tomb.
-He is not dead, HE is alive and now living in side of us which makes such a huge difference in our lives:
-People see that we have something alive in us
-when we don’t keep a record of wrongs when we have every right to. People get a glimpse into our hearts and they say, Jesus is alive, He’s not dead.
-He wants our hearts to be revealed to each other and we get to see that He is alive in each of us.
Next the angel tells the ladies to come and see that he is no longer in the grave, the invitation is to all those who don’t know Him to come and see!
-if your coming here and not seeing people loving each other, lives being changed and the message of hope being proclaimed perhaps you need to be at some other church
-death has permeated the church as we have been too involved in marriage and burial, we need to begin promoting LIFE, Jesus is the resurrection and the Life
-Jesus is all about life, not death….come and see, He’s alive and living in His people and in His church
-This Jesus has the ability to go through any wall, any door, none of it matters, He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, he simply goes through it and walks through it. Jesus can conquer whatever your walls are.

Romans: the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead now lives in you Rom:8:11 We can now walk through all walls in our lives because it’s already been defeated, we no longer need to wait for the door to get opened, the same power that raised Christ from the dead is in us and we are no longer held captive…. we have the power to go through the door, maybe it’s the anger door, or unforgiveness or self pity or addiction. He’s given us through the same power that rose Jesus from the dead the ability and power of the resurrection to overcome any heart even though it’s a thick door with sorrow, anger, Jesus easily can take that sorrow away, the anger the unforgiveness, the disappointment, it is behind you once you step forward.

Kenneth got water baptized!!! and testified…. then we shared

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