If God is in it…..
In the wake of the killings in France this week, I was struck by how much the world is changing, and how much we are forced to change with it. We live in a country that has heralded tolerance as its fame in the world, yet on closer examination, I find that intolerance has come out on top.
It truly is strange how much of the worldly influence we experience at the kitchen. By the ethnicity of the different people and also reactions to them, it is surprising that things run as smoothly as they do.
We do periodically have some minor squabbles, but nothing on the magnitude that we see on the news. Let me run some of the people by you and the reactions to them.
Coming to the kitchen we have:
African Canadians and people who don’t like them.
Jews and people who still think they are Christ killers.
Homo-sexuals and people who ridicule them.
Native Canadians who still think they were robbed of this country by whites.
Whites who think all natives are alcoholics.
Muslims who are afraid to disclose their faith.
Guys that think every Muslim is a terrorist.
Christians who are so close-minded that everyone but them is going to hell.
These are just a few examples of the diversity in our small enclave in the small city of Red Deer. We think we are immune to the violence we see on the news, but in this beautiful country, already we are starting to see the encroaching influence of satanic forces.
Look at what happened in Quebec and then at the Cenotaph in Ottawa. And we know that there is that same level of discontent and anger right across this fair land. Why would there not be, when we see it right where we work and minister.
So in the midst of all this animosity and intolerance, why then do we experience the peace we do at the kitchen?
Enter the Presence of God.
I like to think that I am a peaceful person, and that I am surrounded by peaceful people but I can guarantee you that what we are, or have, is not nearly enough to keep the peace in light of the diversity of opinions and feelings we have at the kitchen.
How often don’t we pray for the peace of God to reign in this place, and then go about acting as if it was by our effort that there is so little violence?
I fully believe that the spirit of God hovers over the kitchen, and it is by his grace that even in the midst of all the turmoil in the lives of the attendees we can experience the effect of it. His peace is what governs the people and their attitudes.
To me that is so incredibly evident that when we placed ourselves on the front lines in his name, God favored us with his presence, and it is His presence at the kitchen that maintains the level of peace that we enjoy as we continue to minister.

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