Wonderful kickoff Friday night!
-loved the prophetic words of encouragement: WOW.
Please prayerfully give a LOVE offering to the team that gave us 4 full days of their lives at:

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Friday 7Pm

Saturday Session1 6 Father Types
Saturday Session2 Mothers Heart of God
Notes: two powerful sessions, the first one on the 6 father types, the second was everything you’ll need from God that your earthly mom may not have known you needed.

Sunday AM sermon
Notes: We need to run to Jesus to be healed and saved, no matter how broken or messed up we are. Mark 5:1-20

Video sessions:
A. Please excuse the bad audio at certain sections of these vids we are working on a better camera recording system
B. Saturday am session video will not be uploaded due to the sensitive nature. The audio only version is above though. 

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