In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus declares his followers citizens of the Kingdom, and then he outlines the shift we must make to Kingdom thinking:

“You are living in the far country, and I have come to bring you home to the Father. We have a difficult journey ahead of us, but I will be with you for every step, and as we journey, I want you to learn the ways of the Kingdom so you will be fully prepared as we enter the gates of Heaven.

It is critical that you learn to think like the Father, and that means you can no longer live with this delusion of self-righteousness. You have to stop thinking you can be good enough for God. Trust me, and I can guarantee you’ll make it through the narrow gate.

And if you choose to follow me, this is what it will be like:


You’ve been told to think that you can bring your goodness to God, but I’ve come to teach you that in the Kingdom of Heaven, God brings his goodness to you.


You’ve been told to think that your security is in your jobs and homes and retirement accounts, but I’ve come to teach you that the world is spinning into disaster. Get your head into the Kingdom of Heaven so you can see the world for what it is.


You’ve been told you must cling to your rights, but I’ve come to teach you to patiently endure, trusting with absolute certainty that our Father is looking out for you.


You’ve been told to think you must demand justice now, but I’ve come to teach you that justice is part of my endgame. Justice will prevail in the Kingdom.


You’ve been told to think that your reputation is more important than the people who need your help, but I’ve come to teach you to be a friend of sinners.


You’ve been told to think God is about a religion of image management, but I’m here to teach you to become absorbed in God, not our own intentions — even the purity of high intentions.


You’ve been told the way to peace is controlling your circumstances, but I’m here to tell you that you will only find peace in me. I am the Prince of Peace.


You’ve been told that righteousness comes from your own efforts, but I’m here to teach you that righteousness comes from God.”

My Thoughts –

Have you ever considered that Jesus is the smartest man in the world? Would the very fact that we follow conventional wisdom instead of the commands of Jesus indicate that we don’t believe he is?

Just trusting, just loving His journey for me,

Brian 2011

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