Sunday Service Notes & Audio @ Potter’s Hands Ministries Church in Red Deer, Alberta

Ruth Ann shared her testimony – Wow!  Our spoken words are powerful!

The psalmist says that God remembers, counts and keeps a record of our tears. So glad he doesn’t keep a record of our sins!

Matthias read from Rev 3:   Be prepared by knowing the word of God as your sword.

Sunny shared a word of encouragement:  Every morning is a new beginning!!

Mark gave us an awesome word today!!! :

2 Cor 5:17:21  “in Christ Jesus we are a new creation”.

God reconciled the world through Christ… for our sake.  We are Christ’s ambassadors!

God sees us as the righteousness of Christ!  We are seen as spotless because of HIS blood!!!

Praise the Lord!  The enemy is under our feet!  He is already defeated!!!!

John 10:25-29 “I did show you but you do not believe. the miracles I have shown you are of the Father.  You do not believe because you are not my sheep, my sheep know my voice. ”

When you are adopted by the Lord our God the enemy cannot steal your salvation!!

1 Peter 1:25 because of the precious blood of Christ the Lamb of God, we are purified.  We have been born again of imperishable seed.  The word of the Lord stands forever!

John 17:22-23 God loved us before the creation of the world.

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