Sunday Service Dec 2nd

God turns the yuck in our lives into something worthwhile and:
-our worst story become our testimony
-our shame becomes our SONG!

-out of a heart of truth with a genuine confession God can work and turn your ashes into Beauty.
-He’s not forgotten you, maybe you feel like a forgotten shepherd out in the field but maybe he’s just saying ‘Rest in me’, I’ve not forgotten you.
-Pastor Stan shared a testimonial from Peter’s perspective as if Peter was sharing his testimonial in front of us all.

We overcome the enemy’s attacks by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

5 observances that your filled with the Holy Spirit: (like the tires on our car if the pressure is low you can see it’s low)
1. a change of heart
2. a peace and knowing that your saved comes into your heart
3. He gives you a gift to take care of the sheep that are around you. Maybe tongues or evangelism or teaching or prophecy, there are many gifts but they are for the building up of the body and the Kingdom of God get’s advanced.
4. you begin to Hear Gods voice (john 10 – my sheep know my voice), the WORD becomes alive!
5. our LOVE grows and we begin to love others that we didn’t even like before.

The Holy Spirit fills us completely however if we have crud (sin or unhealed wounding) in our lives it will block the flow of Him through us. We have the ability to say no to Him when He asks us things but this will quench the Holy Spirit in our lives.

It’s a command to NOT put out the Spirit’s fire and you need to allow prophecy.

YOU have a powerful testimony!

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