Sunday July 6 Sermon notes and audio

July 6thJuly 6th service notes:
Pastor Alvin shared and thanked everyone for supporting him to come and minister through Potters Hands Ministries.
Reminded everyone of purple book bible study has been really powerful!
September: a bible study by Katie Soza for healing of soul injuries. Come it will be powerful.
Romans 12:1 – offer hour bodies as living sacrifices
Pastor Stan preached.
We know who the enemy is an he’s not a bapist!
What are your gifts? Find a way to use them you don’t need permission to use your gifts. You are ministers! You are the only one that is holding back the gifts of God within you!
Persecution is coming: in Egypt the govt is knocking the churches down trying to kill the Christian faith but history shows the more the gospel is persecuted the more it grows!
In China there was a church that took 9 years to build due to size and red tape, 5 million dollars to build it and opened on fall of 2013, 60 pastors from local churches came and protested it’s demolishing but they were all arrested. Thy are lots of Christians who have converted from Islam to Jesus and dieing for it. 1/2 of all the Christians from Iraq have either left or have been killed. Kenya can hardly be traveled to anymore, Samalia, North Korea and China are the same as it is in over 110 countries worldwide that are persecuting the church of Christ.
John 16:12-24
You will weep and mourn and there will be grief and persecution and sadness but consider that outta that consider it all Joy as the Joy of The Lord will be my strength!
Do not lose heart!
Our momentary and light struggles are small in comparison to the Glory of knowing Christ and living with him eternally.
Psalm 13:1-6
You tube video: how long oh Lord Brian Doerkson.
We need to be honest and ask God how long will it be until :__________ fill in the blank ________ The disciples asked how long till till Jesus was returning.
He says for just a little while.
One day there will be no more sadness sickness injustice etc.

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