Father’s Heart Weekend – 2016


Alf and Pam Dyck pastor The River Community Church in Abbotsford, British Columbia . They are known for their easy speaking style, sense of humour and practical examples. The message of the Father’s love has transformed their own lives and ministry and they know it will touch you too!

‘God loves me!’

We have all heard that, but do we really experience it? What would your life look like if you  truly lived as one who is unconditionally loved by Father God? What would be different? What could be possible?

What is your response to God when He says He loves you no matter what? Can you receive His love without rushing into frantic activity to earn his approval?

We are primarily created by God to receive His love and give it away to others. Many of us have grown up with bad childhood experiences where our parents have misrepresented Father God’s love to us and this has left us struggling with insecurities….lack of joy….troubled relationships….failed marriages….broken families….lack of life’s purpose….and a general inability to truly love others. 

This weekend will give you a fresh way to look at God and help you deal with areas in your life that can hinder your relationship with Him as your Father.

Most of all, this weekend is for YOU!   As you get to know God as the Father He truly is, you will experience the healing power of His love for you!

All sessions are FREE but donations are welcome!

Please contact Kerstin G. at 403-462-9036 or Crystal at 403-346-0798 if you will be attending so that we can prepare the materials and refreshments.

October 28-30, 2016
Friday–7:00 PM
Saturday— 10:00 AM
(soup lunch included)
Saturday–7:00 PM
Sunday—10:00 AM


See you there!


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