Brian Harder Vision 2007

A vision..07,07,07.

Just a note…I wrote this out on paper after being wakened from a dream, I haven’t edited it, or made it grammatically correct, this vision remains in the same state it was given to me.

1 Peter 4:17
“For the time has come for judgment, and it must begin with God’s household. And if judgment begins with us, what terrible fate awaits those who have never obeyed God’s Good News?”

God doesn’t do anything without first telling a prophet!
Isaiah 21:6

“6Meanwhile, the Lord said to me,

“Put a watchman on the city wall.

Let him shout out what he sees.”
“I was standing a long bridge, starring into the water. The bridge spanned the waters of a wide river, as I stood looking into the river the water began to rise, it got so deep that it was starting to wash away the bridge. I turned to run away to get off the bridge, but the bridge began to float up toward the clouds. The clouds turned black, the river began to rise higher and higher. Then as I stood on the bridge it began to sail up stream with the clouds away from a great city, a city that held inhabitants from all the nations of the earth. By the time the bridge and I reach a small meadow outside the great city the stormy waters of the river were full of lost crying and drowning souls, screams unlike any I’d ever heard. The bridge stopped and remained hovering just above the raging waters in the middle of the river. The bridge turned slowly and I could see on both banks of the river a total of 100 churches 50 on each side of the stormy waters of river.

Each church had a name above their doors and below each name was a crimson, blood red sign saying, “DO NOT SPEAK THIS NAME AGAIN” on each door of all the churches was another sign at they read, “REPENT, REPENT, I AM COMING!!!

The Lord showed me the inside of each church and He showed me the people who were sitting inside. There was one person in each church dressed in a white spotless robe, they would stand and speak with a loud voice saying “‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are merely human rules…“Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

Now, Some of the churches were burning, some had already been burnt to the ground, but they were still smoking and spewing hot ash from their burnt foundations. I was lead by the hand into some of the churches that remained standing. People were praying for gifts, for tongues, for interpretations, for ministries of healing, for abilities to teach, their prayers went on endlessly. The elders, pastors and the leaders of these churches had built a prison in the corner of the churches and they’d locked Jesus behind the bars, but they kept asking for him to come see what they had done. Then I was taken back to the bridge so I could see that whole horrific seen of all the lost, crying and drowning souls. Then The Lord began to dive into the waters and rescue some of the lost as He cried out to the churches to come help, His plea to the churches shook the earth and I trembled with reverent fear, fell on my face.

As each church refused to come help, it’s foundations began to catch fire and burn.

When The Lord rescued these poor lost souls He would take them to some of the churches that still stood, the church’s without flames. After some time the churches that The Lord had brought the lost to, their elders leaders and pastors would bring out the new Christians and throw them back into the raging waters, they’d stand at the banks of the raging waters and watch them drown, doing nothing to help save them or the many of the lost still crying out. As the lost drown many of the churches began to burn. Some of the lost whom The Lord had rescued, saved and redeemed, began gathering together on the river bank. As they gathered they began to sing praises of honour and glory to the lamb, while they were singing souls began to find calm paths through the raging waters, as they came to the places where the rescued had gathered some of the newly rescued souls would dive into the stormy waters and they would pull lost souls back to the river bank.

I looked back at the churches on the river bank, I saw that one, sometimes two people from the burning
churches would come out as The Lord invited them and they would also dive into the raging waters to help the lost and drowning.

The numbers of the people saved grew larger and larger as they gathered on the banks of the river all would dive into the waters and bring out the lost and the drowning. The bridge began to turn slowly as it turned I watched as each of the remaining churches were destroyed. The bridge began to sail slowly back toward the city as it drew nearer, I watched as the city was destroyed and laid bare. Then as the bridge came closer to the edge of the city green paths began the spring up, the paths lead to buildings the signs posted in blood were bright I could see them shine bright, they could not be hidden. The signs on all the building read, “A HOUSE OF PRAYER, TO SEEK AND TO SAVE THE LOST” people of all nations were running out of the buildings toward the raging waters diving in and rescuing the lost and the dying, laying on hands and raising some who were dead. As each soul was rescued the heavens would light up with streaks of lightning, thousands upon thousands of angels and of the saved would shout, Glory, Glory, Praise and honour to the Lamb. Those who stayed inside these buildings were praying and weeping for the lost, each tear that dropped from their eyes would save and rescue a lost, drowning soul. As they wept and prayed they gave the hungry food, they clothed those who were naked, while others among them would read the bible and gave praise to the Lamb.

While I watched all of this standing in the center of the bridge, I saw as I stood there, that the bridge was
changing, it shook and moaned and changed shape. The bridge became a cross and it’s ends all spanned
length touching the rivers banks at all four points. Each end of the cross pointed to every corner of the earth.

All those who came out of the raging waters, came out by way of the cross and all who worked for the master passed over the waters and came out of the waters at the place where the cross stood. The clouds opened and the voice of The Lord spoke, saying “all who come to me must come by way of the cross, all who work the will of my father, work because of the cross and all who hear my voice, due so, for they have heard me speak this message, “TO SEEK AND TO SAVE” while I finished, and completed my father’s will, on Calvary’s Hill.” The Lord continued to speak saying, “My kingdom is not built with hands, it is built by the spirit and by blood. I send out this final invitation, The Lord of the banquet says all is now ready, but my house is not yet full, bring all who come through the way of the cross, bring in the outcast and the downtrodden, bring the least, the shunned, the poor, set free the captives, all is now ready, my return is swift!

Blessed are they who hear my words and work relentlessly as workers of my righteousness!!!

My justice, My righteousness, My Grace and My mercy will be as swift as the cycle in the hands of the reaper at the time of full harvest”

Brian 2007

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