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Sunday July 6 Sermon notes and audio

July 6thJuly 6th service notes: Pastor Alvin shared and thanked everyone for supporting him to come and minister through Potters Hands Ministries. Reminded everyone of purple book bible study has been really powerful! September: a...

My Life on a Stick

While waking this morning, I had a picture come to mind that ended by a song going through my head titled; ‘My Jesus I Love Thee’. In this vision, I saw a long room filled...

Father’s Day

I never had a father who when I tried to commit suicide came to visit in the hospital and handed me a hunting knife and told me to do a proper job next time. I...

How to Save a life

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. We can say these words so easily; they roll off the tongue with ease, but do we stop...

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