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August 09, 2015

Potters Hands assembly is right where I want them to be. They are doing what I want them to do; feeding the hungry, finding homes for the homeless, caring for the widows and orphans. (Isaiah 58: 6 – 9)

Why do you seek more? Be a place where there is rest; be a sanctuary.

What is lacking?  Build the relationship between one another. Love the Lord your God, wholeheartedly.

Do you need more power? Do you need to see it to believe you have it? Why? Do you not know that you have all of me – all the time.

Do not be like the masses – always striving to seek me – I am not lost. I am here, in the quiet, in the stillness, in your presence.

Slow down and learn to be still and you will hear me.

Consider my ways – gentleness, kindness, peace, mercy, loving, tolerance.

I did not seek the glory of mankind – I am Glory. I am Wisdom. I am Love.

Seek the character of God; immolate (sacrifice yourself) – imitate my character and live in peace with one another.

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