A Week to Remember

It has been quite a week! Monday breakfast was busier than I expected, especially so close after payday. Then for the first time ever, I was able to make a fish/corn chowder soup from donated fresh frozen B.C. fish which went over quite well.
Then it started! At one thirty, I received a call from my niece who was visiting with her father from Calgary. She informed me that they had gone skating with my wife at the Oval downtown. Hitting a ridge in the newly flooded ice, my wife fell and hurt her shoulder, and they had taken her to a clinic from where they were directed to take her to emergency.
Finally by about five P.M. they had determined that my wife had broken her arm in two places right up near the shoulder. After making an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon for Thursday morning, we were able to leave and get home about six-thirty.
My wife slept in the Lazy-boy and actually had not too bad a night. At five A.M. after making sure she was equipped with all the necessities, I went to the kitchen for the day, and including a couple of stops at the house to check on her, had a pretty normal Tuesday, arriving home about seven P.M.. I’ve mentioned before, that before every meal that we serve at the kitchen, we have a short devotion time. Today was a little different in that Pastor Stan asked everybody to express what they were grateful for in spite of the circumstances they found themselves in.
A group of grade nines from Penhold School was volunteering that night, and their teacher mentioned how in a class earlier that day they had talked about being grateful for all that they had because others had less. So to hear from the homeless and others from the street what they were thankful for was actually an extension of that day’s class.
Then on Wednesday morning, I stepped out for an hour or so, and when I came home, there was a funny smell in the house, like the smell of burnt dust. After checking, I found that the furnace had quit working. After arranging for a repairman, I toodled off to exercise class, so I was feeling a bit harried.
When I finally had a chance to stop and reflect on the week, I felt myself wanting to slip into a self pity party; wondering why all this stuff was happening. I was about to start singing that song,”Why Me Lord, what have I ever done?” when I remembered that at the supper on Tuesday, I had received two Christmas cards from two different ladies. One was from a lady that had been greatly encouraged by a senior volunteer a while ago. That already was a sign to me that people do respond to care and love.
The other card was from a lady I had written about before who according to one reader, I should have told her about her great sin and that she would go to hell if she didn’t change her ways. (As if she didn’t know that already!)
That card was very special for me. Along with some very special words she had written, I was reminded once again just how blessed I really am! The odd time there are some upsets in my life. I whine, moan, and complain like everyone else, but if once I take a moment to review what my life is really like, I realize just like James Stewart in “It’ a Wonderful Life”, that in this country I am an extremely fortunate man.
And that is how I see it this morning just before I take my wife to the surgeon.

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  1. BGCampbell says:

    Chris, I hope this week goes much differently and that your wife is doing much better. Cards like that are so special. They go a long way in encouraging us to show Jesus love.

    BTW, Thank you for sharing The Potters Church Building with us for The Fresh IE Concert late October. My wife dropped an envelope in the Box at the kitchen for the ministry, just before we left Canada.

    Bless you Brother. You really are a blessed and amazing man.

    Stay in touch
    BG (brian) Campbell

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